Another Costco Jacket Has Gone Viral—Here’s an Amazon Alternative

A group of mint green corduroy jackets sits on a table at Costco, a woman wears a white corduroy puffer jacket, a woman wearing a mint green corduroy jacket walks by a Costco shelf.

Turns out, Costco is the must-shop spot for fashion these days. In fact, yet another Costco fashion find is going viral on TikTok. But like most viral items, sell-outs are inevitable. The good news is there’s an Amazon alternative.

The specific piece in question is Costco’s Levi’s Corduroy Puffer Jacket. It features a quilted corduroy pattern, side pockets, a high collar, full zip closure, and a waist draw cord. You get it all for $42.99.


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Once you’ve seen the viral videos, it’s hard not to see why someone might want to run to their local Costco or shop online and snag the jacket. It comes in multiple colors including mint, cream, and deep red and is available in sizes XS-XXL. The problem? It’s already started to sell out, and while a few options are still available on the Costco website, they likely won’t last long.

The good news? We’ve found an alternative on Amazon, and it’s cheaper.

While the quilted pattern is more narrow, and it’s not the same corduroy material, the overall look of the jacket is spot-on. The jacket comes in 14 colors including classic cream and bright yellow and is available in sizes XS-XXL (if need extending sizing, try this option). It features the same zipper closure, elastic, drawstring waistband, and cuffed wrists.

If you can’t make it into Costco or want a cheaper alternative, you can still get in on this viral trend, and if you’ve been on the hunt for a weekend bag, check out this Sam’s Club dupe for a popular Beis weekender tote.

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