A Genius New Way to Consider the Neck Scarf



I publicly posited that I would never get sick of denim about a year ago; it seemed like an impossibility given the frequency with which I wore jeans, also taking into account that feeling tired of the unofficial fabric ofAmerican patriotism could be compared to, like, getting sick of drinking coffee in the morning — which every human who understands what kind of efficiency is born out of maintaining an operating system that feels a bit like it’s on steroids could agree is masochistic. Lately, though, I’ve been thinking about khakis and printed pants and skirts and feeling largely “over” jeans.

This past summer, in fact, was the first in recorded history that I gave away not one, not two, but three pairs of old Levi’s, which is essentially to say that you can’t know the future you. In the spirit of the present me, though, I have this to say: I will never get sick of wearing neck scarves.

You may remember when I wrote this.

And then this.

Then this one, too.

How about this?


So if you want to call this the fifth plea in that direction, go ahead, but you should know that this is newsworthy because it is arguably the most compelling tip to have emerged from Milan Fashion Week by way of street style and resident camera clickers Phil Oh/Adam Katz Sinding and requires that you wear at least three silk scarves AT THE SAME TIME.

Photographed above is Carlotta Oddi, Anna Dello Russo’s assistant, who managed to secure four different versions of the silk bandana scarf built by the house of Hermès. She seemingly could not wait to wear them all so did just that by braiding three together and turning them into a single choker:9985-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Carlotta-Oddi-Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2016_AKS5671

Then she added another to her wrist thus validating every wrap I have ever executed. There is a zero percent chance I will not be trying this immediately (potentially live-blogging the process on Snapchat) and recommend that you, too, participate. Here are starter scarves, they’re similar to starter wives.

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