A French Instagram Star Who Knows How to Dress Up Jeans

Is there a particular version of yourself or vibe that you’re trying to channel these days when getting dressed?

I’ve been trying to look more sophisticated and trendy lately, but for some reason, I never really achieve that vibe. I felt so underdressed during New York Fashion Week! Maybe it’s because I never do my hair and make-up, but no matter what I put on, my outfit always comes across as somewhat casual. Do you remember that Scandinavian, fresh, high-waist jeans and vintage t-shirt thing that was happening in 2009? That’s my look.

What item of clothing are you obsessed with right now?

These boots, and anything with a monogram.

Where are your favorite places to shop lately? Any affordable gems? Instagram discoveries?

I do a LOT of Instagram shopping. My favorites are LPA, Staud, Loveshakfancy, By Far and Trademark. I’m also a vintage shopping aficionado, so whenever I travel I try and look for the best places to pilfer. In New York, I love the East Village store Duo, and in Paris, my favorite (for designer pieces) is La Mode Vintage.

What’s a weird fashion trick you store inside your brain — particularly one that doesn’t cost money?

I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly revolutionary trick, but since I’m not very tall, I always wear cropped, high-waisted pants with heels. I think the proportions of this combination make me appear taller.

What would your capsule wardrobe contain, if you had one?

Besides good basics — a cashmere sweater, a men’s coat and well-tailored silk shirts — a super flattering pair of jeans. I’m constantly hunting for the perfect jeans. (Aren’t we all?)

How has living in Paris affected your style?

The “lazy chic” vibe all Parisians seem to have has really impacted how I get dressed. For instance, I always wear heels with jeans — never flats.

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

I look for it everywhere. I take it from the streets, from the internet, from old movies…and even from paintings or photography. I’m like a sponge. I love being influenced by my surroundings.

What’s that red lipstick you’re always wearing on Instagram?

Generation G in Jam, by Glossier.

How do you get your hair to look like you just got back from vacation?

I’m in a relationship with my hairdresser, Laurie. I see her once every two months. She’s the only one who really understands how I like my color to look. Besides that, I use Kiehl’s and Bumble and Bumble products (the invisible oil line) for softness, and I don’t blow dry; I just tie my hair in a bun while it’s wet and let it dry so it comes out kind of wavy.

What’s a song you’re obsessed with right now?

“Unforgettable” by French Montana. It’s shameful how much I listen to it! And “Redbone” by Childish Gambino.

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