A Day in the Life of a Shoe





They say you shouldn’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in her shoes but how about: don’t judge a shoe until you’ve walked a mile in it.

Imagine a life where those who can’t have you, fawn over you (thusperpetuating your ego and sense of self-worth — cool!). Yet when those who can have you, achieve you, you’re used to sweep the floors and walk across hard concrete, sometimes directly into an unwitting pile of fecal matter, other times just through cigarette butts and the like. When you’re home and in safe territory — the kinds of floors you actually want to socialize with, you’re tossed off. To the side of a room. Ostensibly feeling both depleted and dejected.

That can’t be easy, you know?


Impressive, however, is that the shoes continue to triumph. They’re torn down, their owners show disrespect and yet, they continue to work, transporting your legs and therefore body from point A to point B and in the right pair of shoes, they do so with swagger. They never complain. They just do. Like publicists at fashion week, they are the unsung heroes of success. Carolina Herrera once said that shoes are the most important accessory for a woman because you need them to leave your house. Without further ado, we welcome you to a brief day in the life ofgreat shoes.

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