8 Cute and Convenient Fanny Packs for Parents on the Go

mom pulling wipes out of her diaper bag/stroller organizer/mom wearing fanny pack

Whether you’re toting around one or a few kids, sometimes, a diaper bag is just too much to handle on top of it all. That’s why a fanny pack designed specifically for parents might be a good idea. They’re convenient, cute, and won’t weigh you down.

Fanny packs—or belt bags, as they’re called nowadays—have unexpectedly made a comeback, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. For parents, this is great news because being able to wear your necessities around your waist is even easier than slinging a bag over your shoulder.

Try out one of our picks at your next sporting event, Little League game, or trip to the park! We’re betting you’ll love having your essentials on hand, without feeling like you had to pack to go on vacation.

Best Overall: Kibou Deliberately Minimal Diaper Bag

mom wearing green kibou belt bag around her waist with little girl

The Kibou Deliberately Minimal Diaper Bag was made to be a tiny version of a diaper bag and is one of the best options out there thanks to all of the features it includes. Small, comfortable to wear, and well-made, this will last a while and keep you constantly prepared.

The best features include:

  • A built-in waterproof pocket that can hold over 20 wipes and keep them wet for up to a week (the pocket can also be used to hold dirty clothes)
  • A detachable changing pad that unfolds from the back
  • Space for credit cards and cash
  • A key (or pacifier) hook
  • A wipeable, stain-resistant nylon lining
  • Space for extras, like small toys or snacks.

It also comes in a variety of cute colors and can even be worn crossbody if you prefer.

Best Budget: Suessie Portable Fanny Pack Diaper Bag

woman in white t-shirt wearing black belt bag

The Kibou option comes in a little bit pricey (about $90), so if you were hoping to save, opt for the Suessie Portable Fanny Pack Diaper Bag, which is a great budget-friendly alternative. Lightweight and available in three basic colors, it’s minimalistic.

It includes the following convenient features that will make any parent’s life easier:

  • A built-in waterproof wipe pocket to keep wipes wet or keep wet clothes away from everything else
  • A changing pad that unfolds from the back
  • A parent pocket for smaller items, like cash
  • A clip for your keys or a pacifier
  • A small opening for a headphone cord so you can comfortably listen to music

It also comes with universal straps so you can easily hang it from your stroller whenever you don’t want to wear it.

Best Convertible: Skip Hop Greenwich Convertible Hip Bag

black Skiphop belt bag on the waist of a mom holding a baby pulling her phone out

The great thing about the Skip Hop Greenwich Convertible Hip Bag is that it’s super versatile. It doesn’t look like your typical fanny pack—made of vegan leather and more of a square shape, it’s a bit more stylish. You can wear this three ways: on your hip, crossbody, or as a wristlet.

The bag features a main compartment that opens wide, making it easy for you to find whatever you’re looking for, while also holding a baby. It also has multiple pockets for organization. There are three interior credit card slots and a front slip-pocket for necessities. This one is easy to clean and can be used in a variety of situations. While it doesn’t have as many baby-friendly features, it’s convenient and cute.

Best for Travel: Calpak Luka Belt Bag

girl wearing her black fanny pack cross body/a picture of the black fanny pack filled with items on a bed

Traveling with kids isn’t easy, and one way to make things a little more convenient is keeping the absolute essentials on hand. A belt bag is a hands-free way to do this, and I love the Calpak Luka Belt Bag for that exact reason. Made of a super lightweight material, it comes in a few different basic colors and is easy to wear.

It also holds a surprising amount of items for such a small bag—I’m constantly amazed at what I can fit into mine. While it doesn’t have any baby-specific features, it can hold items like snacks, a few diapers, a change of clothes, and a pacifier. There are also a few pockets inside to keep things organized and a hidden pocket on the back that’s especially great for storing extra cash, tickets, or ID.

Most Compact: Freshly Picked Park Pack

mom holding toddler and wearing a green Freshly Picked fanny pack

The Freshly Picked Park Pack is another fanny pack made with parents in mind. Made of easy-to-clean vegan leather and available in several different shades, this one looks stylish and versatile. It can also be worn crossbody, if you prefer.

Other features include:

  • A water-resistant lining that’s easy to keep clean
  • Interior card slots
  • A hidden back pocket for cash
  • An easy-to-open front flap you can navigate while holding a child.

It holds a decent amount of items and will definitely get you through all of those park playdates.

Best Sporty: Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

black fanny pack on woman's waist while she pulls her iPhone out

The best fanny packs are those that you can use in multiple situations, and the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is a perfect example. This sporty pick is perfect for all the athletic parents out there because it was designed to be worn on the move. Wear it on your hip or crossbody style, whether you’re taking your kids out or going to the gym.

It’s made of water-resistant nylon that can withstand the elements. It also holds a decent amount of items, and has zippered pockets to keep smaller items safe and an easy-to-access exterior pocket. It’s simple and minimalistic, but gets the job done.

Most Versatile: Colugo The On-The-Go Organizer

woman wearing black Colugo belt bag stuffed with items/bag hanging off of the stroller handles

Keep all of your most important items organized with this Colugo On-the-Go Organizer. Designed to be as versatile as possible, this can be worn around your hips as a belt bag, but it also has straps to fit on your stroller to act as an organizer when taking walks.

The cool thing about this one is that it has two cup holders (perfect for a water bottle or that second cup of coffee), and three zippered pockets. Stuff it with whatever you need on the go, like pacifiers, wipes, or an extra diaper. It’s surprisingly roomy and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Most Stylish: Snack Bish Diaper Bag Fanny Pack

image of woman pulling wipes out of her fanny pack while holding a baby/image of a woman wearing black fanny pack while pushing a stroller

The Snack Bish Diaper Bag Fanny Pack basically has it all: With its quilted design and leopard print interior, it’s stylish and fun to look at, and it also packs some great features.

It comes with a detachable changing pad in the back, a wipe dispenser that makes it incredibly simple to grab one as needed (even when your hands are full), a pacifier or key clip, and even a bottle holder that keeps your bottles or cups upright.

This one is a hit with moms because it looks nice, isn’t too pricey, and is super convenient when you’re out with your little ones. The gold details are a nice touch, too.

Next time you head out with the kids, leave the heavy diaper bag at home and take a fanny pack instead. It’ll help you stay organized and ready for anything, as your hands and arms will be free—unless, they’re holding baby, of course.

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