8 Amazon Ugg Alternatives to Keep You Cozy and On Budget

People wear different iterations of brown suede Ugg boot alternatives.

When the leaves start to fall and there’s a chill in the air, nothing completes an outfit quite like stepping into a warm and comfy pair of Uggs. While they’ve been around for a while, Uggs’ popularity hasn’t waned, but for some, they’re simply out of budget. Thankfully, there are Ugg alternatives.

Whether because of the popularity of Uggs or simply because the brand’s designs are so classic, there are other options that can give you the same vibe. So, even if your wallet isn’t in sync with Ugg’s style ambitions, there’s no reason to compromise on that cozy fall feeling.

Here’s a curated list of fantastic Amazon Ugg alternatives to bring the comfort without causing your bank balance to sigh.

Ugg Ultra Mini Classic Alternative

A person wears the Ugg Ultra Mini Classic, and a person wears a pair of similar boots from another brand.

These babies are reminiscent of the Ugg Ultra Mini Classic. The top line and stitching are pretty close despite not quite being doppelgangers. While these Ugg alternatives have a higher ankle, it’s worth it thanks to a price tag that’s almost $100 cheaper than the original.

Tasman Ugg Alternative

A person wears the Uggs Tasman Slippers, and a person wears the DearFoam Fireside slippers.

With 100% Australian shearling, these Tasman Slipper Alternatives are snug-city. They absorb moisture and evaporate it lickety-split, keeping your toes fresh all day. The look is on point minus the braided detail around the mule opening and minus the big price tag.

Tazz Ugg Platform Slipper Alternative

A Tazz Ugg Slipper, and a person wearing a fuzzy pair of platform slippers.

Want to give yourself some extra height? Grab this alternative to the viral Tazz Uggs. The original slipper looks a lot like the Tasman but features a thick, platform sole. While there’s not exact option, there is this shoe from Athlefit that features a similar sole but adds some fur around the mule’s opening for some added comfort.

Shearling Lined Ugg Slipper Alternative

Original Shearling Lined Uggs followed by a photo of knock offs in various colors.

Yet another 100% Australian shearling wonder, these beauties from DearFoams give you luxury at a price that doesn’t make your credit card weep. And the cherry on top? They’re indoor-outdoor friendly, and look a whole lot like the real Uggs.

Classic Ugg II Alternative

taller orginal black uggs on the left followed by knock offs with a shorter ankle on the right - modelled by a woman jumping into the snow with her dog.

Come rain, come snow, these boots promise to keep your feet dry and cozy. Made of natural rubber, they’re waterproof wonders. And the resemblance to the original Uggs? So close, your friends will be doing a double-take! The only big difference is the height of the boo, this Ugg alternative is a bit shorter than the originals.

Ugg Dakota Slipper Alternative

Ugg Dakota Slipper next to its faux alternative

For those who love the Ugg Dakota silhouette, but not its price, this is your jam. With its suede upper and faux fur inside, the Koolaburra by Ugg is very similar—probably because it’s a sister brand to the original. The only real difference is the lacing and, of course, the price tag.

 Slide Slipper Alternative

orginal ugg slipper on the left and a model posing on her bed in knock offs.

These Ugg alternatives are fluffy dreamboats—warm, breathable, and super comfortable with a soft plush lining. They might even have a tad more fluff than the originals making them an equally adorable, budget-friendly choice.

Ugg Disquette Slipper Alternative

A pair of Ugg Disquette slippers, and a pair of slippers worn by a person in front of a Christmas tree.

Talk about cozy, inside these fuzzy slippers lies a world of faux fur and soft coral fleece. They’re a snug fit for your feet, machine washable, and come at a price that’s more than 50% less than the originals.

Who says you need to break the bank to strut around in style this season? There’s a world of boots like Uggs out there that give off that Ugg vibe without the price tag.

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