50 Things To Be Thankful For

One of the most popular online videos last week was a very funny interview Conan O’Brien did the comedian Louis CK. Louis makes the observation that although we have so many amazing things these days (eg high speed internet access on airplanes), people still don’t seem to be happy. If you haven’t seen it already, I recommend you watch Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy (sorry, YouTube won’t let me embed the video into this post).

This video reminded me that it is very easy to take many wonderful things in our lives for granted. If we can only learn to look at life a little differently, it is possible to find an abundance of things to be thankful for.

50 Things To Be Thankful For

1. Twitter (thank you to everyone on Twitter who helped me compile this list)

2. TED

3. Sisters (@SteveErrey)

4. Brothers

5. Coffee

6. Snow covered mountains

7. A warm bed to sleep in (@bluestatus)

8. Fresh fruit

9. Chocolate

10. Lolcats

11. Ice cream

12. Children laughing

13. Children smiling

14. iPhones/ iPods

15. Your Health (@JohnKoetsier & @bklynyogini)

16. Flowers

17. A good novel

18. Red wine

19. Reddit

20. Air conditioning on a hot summer day

21. Dishwashers

22. Good conversation

23. Good friends

24. President Obama

25. Rock ‘n’ Roll

26. Walks in nature

27. Post Secret

28. Hugs

29. Cats

30. Dogs

31. The internet, for giving the possibility to meet, learn from & share with many so incredible people, so easily (@SiDawson)

32. Warm showers

33. Barbecues

34. Rainbows

35. WordPress

36. Libraries

37. The Daily Show

38. Limbs (@BambooForest)

39. Lazy Sundays

40. Grandchildren (@Vic_Toria)

41. Sunrises

42. Sunsets

43. Peanut butter

44. The Nintendo Wii

45. Pizza

46. Love

47. Sex

48. The Simpsons

49. Today, because today is another opportunity to get it right and make a positive change (@smalonedesign)

50. High speed internet access on airplanes 😉

Please feel free to keep adding to the list by sharing things you’re thankful for in the comments below!

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