5 Ways to Style Your Shelves

Besides being super functional and perfect for storage and organization, shelves are a great way to showcase your personal style and add another design element to your space. The best part of all? Restyling your shelves is one of the easiest ways to give a room a little “facelift.” Today, we’re rounding up our five favorite ways to style shelves, because whether you’re reorganizing an office or giving your home a major makeover, they’re sure to give you the decorative inspiration you need.

1. Color-block: Arrange your books according to color (think: Roy G. Biv—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). It makes a bold and fun statement that will instantly brighten up a room.


Take a note from Amelia Eichholz‘s colorful shelves. See the full home tour here.


Or use Jamie Meares‘ color-blocked and kooky shelves for motivation. See the full home tour here.


Jessica Marx‘s white, gold and color-blocked shelves also show you the way to go. See the full home tour here.

2. Create a cohesive theme: Whether you start with a color palette or specific subject matter, create an overall theme for your shelves for a sense of unity.


Jacquelyn Clark‘s white, black and blue shelves feel intentional. See the full home tour here.


The arrangement of Michelle LeBlanc‘s muted pink, art-filled shelves add visual flow. See the full home tourhere.


Caitlin Kruse‘s shelves feel pulled together and organized thanks to the neutral metallic scheme. See the fulloffice tour here.

3. Add some greenery: Consider styling your shelves with a few plants and pots filled with greenery (faux or real!) to give your space some life.


Janette Crawford‘s plant-filled and eclectic shelves feel relaxed and homey. See the full home tour here.


Amber Thrane‘s cute petite-styled shelves get a hearty dose of intrigue thanks to a few spiked plants. See the fullhome tour here.

4. Add a “backsplash”: Painting or wallpapering the inside of your shelves is a great way to add color and drama.


Sarah Vickers‘ dramatically chic green shelves need no further explanation. See the full office tour here.


We love how Adrianne Betz added a polka-dot pattern to the back of her bookshelves. See the full home tourhere.


Deluxemodern‘s wallpapered studio shelves are memorable and one-of-a-kind. See the full studio tour here.

5. Display: Break up standard piles and stacks of books by displaying favorite shoes, purses and other items you cherish in between. These unique accessories can double as bookends, too. Bonus!


Morgan Hutchinson‘s fashion-forward shelves feel ultra-chic and loved thanks to the layers of shapely accessories. See the full home tour here.


Emily Wassall‘s shelves are home to all of her favorite things—what a stylish way to show off your most-prized possessions! See the full home tour here.


Krystal Bick‘s colorful shelves are both functional and fabulous thanks to the combination of books and decorative accessories. See the full home tour here.

More shelves we love…


Andrea Duclos‘ spacious and colorful shelves.


Corri McFadden‘s boldly decorated shelves. See the full home tour here.


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