5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Morning


We are thrilled to welcome Monica Lavin, the stylist and author behind Lavin Label, to Glitter Guide this morning because we love her effervescent style. But on top of that, Monica is here to share her secret to a happy and productive morning—something we can’t wait to try out the next time our alarm rings out loud and clear. Read on for her thoughtful tips and tricks!

Don’t underestimate how important a great start to your day can be for your attitude, productivity and overall health—both spiritually and physically. Here are five tips to help you make the most of your morning so that you have a positive and rewarding day ahead. We’d love to see how you start your day, too, so share your pictures with the hashtag #morninggoals!




1. Wake up in a good mood.
Ahhh…the morning! Like a clean Etch A Sketch, the morning is a fresh start full of promise and opportunity—except for those of us that don’t take a minute to set the tone of the day when first waking up. Kiss those morning blues goodbye! Don’t dread those upcoming marathon meetings or that really long list of errands staring at you on the counter. Instead, think positive thoughts. Think about what you are grateful for this morning—it’s all about attitude, after all. You may not be able to control what happens to you throughout the day, but you can certainly control how you react and respond.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast.
Make breakfast count. You know that you shouldn’t skip breakfast, so be sure to take a few extra minutes to enjoy a smoothie or a quick yogurt parfait with berries. Whenever possible, have breakfast in bed and read the newspaper. Set yourself up for success—you’ll need the extra energy throughout the day.



3. Don’t wake up in a rush.
We all do it. We set the alarm for the very last minute, allowing just enough time to shower and get out the door. Give yourself more time. Take the time to reflect. Maybe that means staying in bed a little longer with your pups or enjoying tea on your porch. Either way, put the phone down and get your mind balanced.

4. Tidy your room.
I know that you’ve heard this one before, but here it is again: Once you wake up, make your bed and open your shades to bring in the sunlight. Psychologically, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and starts you on the right foot—you’re now already ahead of the game. In addition, spend an extra minute tidying your bedroom and make sure that it’s the most comfortable room in the house. You’d be surprised that you’ll sleep better at night and wake up in a more positive mood. You spend a lot of time in your room, so add some finishing touches, such as pillows, a cozy comforter, sheets and fresh flowers. These little additions can really improve your overall vibe.



5. Have fun.
Don’t be so serious in the morning. Sing in the shower, dance to your favorite song, play with the dogs (or cats!) and kiddies. This type of playfulness will stay with you throughout the day and can even brighten your colleagues’ day.




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