5 Quick Truths to Jump Start Your Motivation

Deep down, you know everything you need to know in order to make a big splash in your life.

There is no secret left to uncover and no big great revolution coming to show us a new way to be productive, grateful, happy, or successful. We know what we need to do. We know what works and what fails. We know the right things to say to ourselves and to our loved ones.

We know more than enough.

Knowledge then is not a problem, but the lack of motivation to do what we need to do slows us down. The motivation to have that conversation, to write that email, to put what you learned into practice in your business, or to change the way you do something for the better is transitory at best.

How on earth do you capture and contain that motivation to see you through your days and your years?

As much as you would love to believe that a Tony Robbins workshop will cure you of your motivation woes forever, the truth is that his words and his impact will only be useful to you in the long term if you constantly remind yourself of his teachings. (By the way, lest there be any misunderstanding: I adore Tony Robbins!)

Motivation lives inside of you. Nobody can motivate you to do anything. You motivate yourself. There is no such thing as a “motivated” person versus an “unmotivated” person. There are only those who bring their motivation to life and those who let theirs sleep through the years.

So if the true source of motivation lives inside of you, you can tap into it to your heart’s desire. You control the ebb and flow of your heavenly gift. You can awaken the giant (affectionately using a Tony Robbins expression) or let it go unnoticed.

What does it take to bring your motivation to life?

First, it takes believing in yourself, and trusting that this source really does live within. If you don’t do this step, nothing else works.

You may have to fight off self-limiting beliefs, dogma, and cultural cliché that insist on some who are born with motivation and others who are bereft of the gift.

Whatever it takes, work your way to believing that motivation comes from deep inside of you, period. Let the rest of the world blame genetics, heritage, and social conditions for their lot in life, you stay in charge of yours.

Second, it takes giving yourself gentle loving reminders of what you know and more importantly, of what you may forget. I made a list for us so we can remember together as we awaken this sleeping force called motivation to keep us company when we most need it.

1. You Are Unique

You are as unique as your fingerprints, and not another person in this world thinks, feels or sees the world the way you do. Don’t forget this one and then ask yourself: What can I offer the world with my uniqueness?

2. You Are Fortunate

You are more fortunate, more blessed and have more resources than necessary to make any dream possible. Proof lies in the utterly desperate situations that plagued hundreds of successful people of our time. They succeeded despite the odds against them.

So embrace whatever you dream, because it is possible and highly likely for you to succeed.

3. You Have Time

You still have a chance. One day, the doors will close on your life and there will be no more chances to take or to miss. Time will be up. Today, you have time. Use every single minute wisely.

Remembering that you are going to die, I quote Steve Jobs, is the best way to avoid the trap that you have something to lose.

4. You Live Now

The odds that your parents, grandparents or previous generations could achieve the kind of dreams you dream today are slim to none, no matter how motivated they were. Chances are life did not afford so many opportunities.

You were born at the right time, in the right century, with the right technology, and infrastructure around you. How incredibly motivating is that?

5. You Have Options

There really were days when people had few to no options. There really was a time when opportunities were scarce and when your economic condition did not improve much from decade to decade. These times are still prevalent in some countries even if you and I cannot even fathom such conditions but let us try.

Put yourself in a world with no options; it will give you a surge of motivation like nothing else.

There is no greater motivation in this world than the moment you truly embrace your gifts, your opportunities and your time. All doors open to you. All goodness beckons you. All success and happiness awaits you.

So seize the moment, tap into that motivation, and use it to step gently into your own greatness.

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