4 Steps to Unlocking Your Creativity (By Using Your Painful Past)

Human creativity is both a gift, and a mystery. And, although we all have the potential to create art and beauty; many of us are either unaware of our ability, or unsure on how to unlock this gift.

There is no strict formula to follow in order to unleash your creative prowess, however; here are four steps that can assist you in unlocking your creativity by using your painful past as a catalyst.

1. Accept Your Past

My past, like most of us, is sprinkled with happiness and pain. Fortunately, happiness is a more prominent feature in my life. Yet, despite my rather happy existence, I have a difficult time shaking off the hurt that I have endured. You probably have the same issue. A lot of us do.

My childhood was filled with great memories, and some bad ones. My father was a terrific dad overall. He was a great provider, and only wanted the best for us. But, there was a dark side to him. He had a hair-trigger temper that would lead to sporadic verbal and physical abuse. The emotional scars from those moments remain with me to this day.

For most of my life, I fought my own memories. I know that sounds strange. But, I did. I just refused to accept that something bad could have ever happened to me. I wanted to think I had a perfect existence.

One day, though, I had enough of denying who I was. I began to accept my past. And forgive those who hurt me (which is difficult, but necessary).

The moment you begin to accept your past, you are ready to begin your future. The future in which you unleash your creativity unto the world.

2. Discover Your Passion

Throughout my life, I always had a creative spark. Particularly, I enjoyed writing stories. Creating fictional worlds where I had the power to control the events gave me a sense of comfort. It helped me make sense of the “real” world I was living in.

As I got older, I experimented with other forms of creative expression – photography, acting and stand-up comedy. Each of these forms of creativity gave me an outlet to express my deep emotions in a positive and constructive manner.

That’s what you need to do. Discover what makes you feel positive. It can be anything. From cooking, to gardening, to painting. Anything. The important thing is that it excites you. It moves you.

When you finally tap into the hurt from your past, you will unleash the emotions inside that are filled with creative expression. Instead of holding the pain inside, you are finding a way to express it in a positive manner. Why does it work this way?

Well, my theory is this – when we suffer a trauma, we have a difficult time making sense of it. So, when you tap into your creativity, you are alleviating your brain from the troubles and giving it an opportunity to create something wonderful. You are essentially “repurposing” the pain.

Once you discover your creative passion, you need to hone those skills.

3. Develop Your Creative Skills

Creative endeavors, like anything in life, need practice. You will only get better by doing. If you want to write, then write. A lot. If you want to take landscape photographs. Well, then. Get outside and take photos.

You have to hone your creativity. Not because it is a job. But, because you enjoy it. And because you will find more pleasure in it, as you learn about the art form. I use the term art in the broadest sense possible. Art is clearly subjective, and you must embrace who you are by allowing yourself to enjoy your preferred form of artistic expression.

4. Share Your Passion

This may be the best aspect of it all. You get to show others your creation. Your audience can be just your best friend. Or it can be the world by displaying it on the internet.

You can, of course, keep your passion all to yourself. But, how good would it feel to brighten someone else’s day with something you created? Amazing. Trust me.

The common thread that weaves through all of my creative endeavors is simple – I am trying to make sense of the hurt from my past by entertaining and inspiring others. This is something we all can do. We just need to unlock our creative powers by accepting our past.

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