13 street style shots of guys absolutely owning winter scarves

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Have you got a scarf on? No? It’s November, mate. Your grandmother would be fuming if she knew you were out in wintery conditions in less than four layers.

Check out these pictures of real men rocking scarves on the street, because sometimes you need the assurance that actual human beings are pulling them off rather than highly paid models with imploding cheekbones.


Football and fashion don’t normally go hand in hand, as wearing nice threads to a match could see a big dry cleaning bill for blood and beer, plus professional footballers are the peacocks of the sporting world: too many feathers, too little brains. However, sports inspired scarves are a stylish exception to the rule, giving you a Nineties hooligan edge even if you’re a gentrified, middle-class graphic designer.

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