10 Quick Ways To Amp Up The Glam This Holiday Season


Whether you’re in a time crunch or not sure how to glam up a look, Abby‘s sharing some of her fail-safe options for dressing up for the holidays—or any party for that matter! They’re quick, easy and don’t cost a fortune. Keep a few of these items on hand and you’ll look fabulous for any occasion.

  1. Add a Red Lip – A red lip always adds a pop of color and instant glamour. Put a tube in your purse before you leave the house and swipe it on for party time. My favorite drugstore options are:Revlon Certainly Red, L’Oréal Paris Blake’s Red and elf Matte Lip Color in Rich Red.
  2. Belt It – Whether you’re wearing a skirt, pants or a dress, adding a metallic or printed belt instantly gives your outfit a little something extra!
  3. Pearls – Real or fake, a set of pearl earrings and a necklace are always a chic option for the holidays. If I can’t decide what earrings would go best with an outfit, I always opt for my pearl ones—they’re from Forever 21.
  4. Cat Eye – A cat eye is another of my beauty favorites and an easy way to amp up your makeup look. I use a felt tip liquid liner by L’Oréal because it’s pretty foolproof!
  5. Vintage Brooches – I’m a sucker for vintage brooches. They’re easy to stash in your purse and add to your blazer, sweater or dress. You can even use one as a bobby pin for your hair!
  6. Just Add Heels – I think this is fairly obvious. No need for showy heels though—a classic black pump always does the trick!
  7. Embellished Headband – I don’t really wear headbands much anymore, but I like to have one around if I’m running late to a holiday party and my hair isn’t cooperating. If you can’t wear an embellished headband during the holidays— when can you?
  8. Cocktail Ring – I love a pretty cocktail ring, but usually only wear one when I’m going to a party. It may be all in the name, but when holding a drink at a party, a cocktail ring will certainly catch people’s eyes!
  9. A Sparkly Clutch/Purse – You don’t need a ton of fancy purses or clutches—just one will do! You’ll often see me wearing the same sparkly purse over and over and that’s because I find that it goes with everything.
  10. Patterned Stockings – Ditch your boring black stockings for polka dots, pinstripes or lace. Keep a pair in your purse to instantly change your look when going from work to a holiday party.

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